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The five staples in my wardrobe I wear 24/7

WHERE — London
PHOTOGRAPHY — Sam Flaherty

The five pieces in my wardrobe I keep on high rotation, year in, year out. These are the pieces I wear 24/7.



AKA a tracksuit nice enough to leave the house in. Perfect for travelling, walking the dog or just heading out to the shops. Given that I’ve worked from home for years, I do have a pretty generous drawer-full of trackies, and I love Les Tien for luxe sets, as well as Les Girls Les Boys for great-fits (and a more affordable price-point).


You can’t beat a classic white tee, and yet for some mysterious reason, it can often be tricky to actually find one with the perfect relaxed fit. My all-time favourites are by Frankie Shop (which is currently sold out, but you can get a near identical style here), Re-Done for ribbed, 90’s vibes and Wardrobe NYC for the coolest tees.


An essential of any wardrobe, we’ve all got that tried and true pair that goes with anything and makes us feel like ourselves. I actually have two favourite pairs of classic blue jeans (greedy I know), Levi’s Straight Leg Ribcage for that classic, vintage vibe and the Topshop Editor Jeans, which are cropped and work best with boots (or when I want to show a bit of ankle).


I like my coats super-sized; the bigger the better. I try to opt for coats in classic styles (like a trench) and in timeless colourways (tan, khaki, camel etc) but then look for an over-sized aesthetic that makes a statement. That way, come winter, you can just throw it on over any ol’ look and voila, you instantly feel cool. My long-standing favourites are by Frankie Shop and Ader Error.


Turns out Elvis was right, blue suede shoes are timeless. Who would have thought when I bought a these bright blue Manolo Blahnik heels years ago they would get so much wear. But if you can find a statement shoe (be it a trainer, heel or flat) that is both comfortable and has the ability to pull together even the most boring outfit, that cost-per-wear will be next to nothing in no time.

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