The Timeless Separates

What to wear now, and keep forever

WHERE — London
PHOTOGRAPHY — Sam Flaherty

The seasons may be changing, but that doesn’t mean we need an entirely new wardrobe. Four pieces to wear now, this autumn, and forever.

Changing seasons need not mean a change of wardrobe or a change of style. Focus on pared-back colour palettes. Versatile pieces that go with everything. Lots of neutrals. Oversized shirts. Ribbed tees. Anything comfy. Everything well made, to last a lifetime.

The Crisp White Shirt

A forever classic. Get one in 100% cotton to ensure it’ll last the distance, and if like me you prefer a more masculine cut, definitely take a size up.

The Bike Shorts

Before you judge, they are pretty much like trackpants for warmer temps. It’s all about the comfort. Plus, they were good enough for Princess Di.

As a Millennial (don’t judge) who 100% prefers to make the majority of my purchases from the comfort of my couch, online shopping is 100% my jam. Zalando offer the full shebang, from high street to designer. And as a Libra (who can’t decide whether to get the basic ribbed tee in white or khaki) I’m a big fan of their 100 day returns, which means I can get both, and take months to decide which colour I prefer.

Zalando are working towards creating a customer base with more mindful consumption by putting a spotlight on designers with a true sustainable ethos. Filippa K (who’s the master behind the basics I’m wearing in these images), is not only one of my favourite Scandi brands, but also has a genuine sustainable approach.

As a brand, they are heavily focused on fair working conditions for all people involved in making the clothing, working with sustainable and recyclable materials for all products, and ensuring full traceability and transparency throughout the supply chain. There’s no denying that fashion has a massive impact on the planet, but brands, retailers and consumers can all absolutely do their bit to reduce the negative impact we collectively make.

The Ribbed Tee

Just a little cooler than your oversized slouchy tee. And the ribbed fabric means it’ll hold its shape for a whole lot longer.

The Black Sunnies

The kind of sunglasses you can pull out as you walk out the door without even looking in the mirror. You’ll wear them forever (provided you don’t lose them).

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