How to Survive the Festive Season

Be merry, give wisely, look good

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Eat, Drink and be Merry. But also look good, take care of yourself and give wisely. Here’s how to do it.

Don’t worry, I’m no Grinch, I love Christmas. The festive mood in the air. The food. The dressing up. The food. However the truth is for all of the great things that Christmas brings (like celebrating with loved ones and donning festive jumpers), the season isn’t entirely without its pitfalls.

Before Christmas Day actually hits we all run the risk of overspending, over-indulging and saying yes to more festive drinks/parties/lunches than our calendar will actually allow.

It’s not about celebrating less or ditching amazing gifts (I did give myself the gift of incredibly extra jewellery from Bucherer Fine Jewellery after all) but about finding ways to cut down on stress, unwanted gifts, unnecessary packing, all the while looking fabulous (it is the festive season after all). And if fabulous is what you’re after, I can vouch that Bucherer has you covered.

Give Yourself a Gift This Christmas

Rather than buying friends or colleagues gifts they don’t need (and let’s be real, perhaps may not even want) let those whom you usually swap gifts with this season know you don’t mind eschewing the usual gift giving in lieu of just spending time with them. Then treat yourself to one special gift, that you will keep forever. It doesn’t have to be a big ticket item (although I may or may not have splurged big time on these statement Bucherer earrings), but it should be something that won’t lose it’s shine (both figuratively and literally) in a few months time.

It may sound a little selfish, but the truth is not only will you get what actually want this Christmas, you’ll avoid giving others things which may ultimately end up in a land fill. Plus you’re doing your bit to cut down on packaging.

Sleep More (And Use Your Screens Less)

New Years may be for resolutions, but let Christmas serve as a reminder that it’s the season for spending time with loved ones, not screens. It may sound obvious, sure, we all know that real human connections are invaluable, whilst staring at our screens can hurt everything from your emotional state to your sleep patterns. But the fact is our phones are such a big part of our day to day lives that if we don’t remind ourselves to cut down on screen time, we simply won’t.

Send Platonic Love Notes

Yes I know, technically this is just a Christmas card. But rather than splashing out on fancy cards that you’ll scrawl your name in, write a quick note to the important people in your lives and remind them of a special moment you’ve shared this year. It may sound cheesy, but if there’s one fool-proof way to realise how lucky you are, and how great the year has been, it’s when you’re forced to put pen to paper to those you love. If this doesn’t get you in the festive, thankful spirit, nothing will.

Dress Comfortably, Then Add a Slick of Red Lipstick

There’s no need to beat around the bush, ’tis the season to overindulge. So dress comfy. Wear your beloved pair of jeans that now mold to the shape of your body. Stay warm in the slouchiest knit you own. Then just add a slick of red lippy (and maybe some killer earrings if you’re feeling extra), and voila you’re ready to head out. Some would call this lazy, but I just call this seasonally smart.

Wearing: Bucherer Fine jewellery B Dimension earrings, B Dimension ring and Berta Cabestany top as dress

‘Tis the season to Be Overdressed If You Want To

Wear the statement necklace. Put beautiful dresses. Wear sequins. If you can’t dress up now, when can you? Don’t worry about being the best dressed in the room. ‘Tis the season to go glam.

Wearing: Bucherer Fine jewellery B Dimension earrings, B Dimension ring and Peekaboo bracelet, Sezane knit, Berta Cabestany skirt and Paul Andrew heels

Sparkles Aren’t Just for Christmas Decorations

Layer up your rings. Dress up slouchy sweaters with statement necklaces. Let your ears be adorned. Don’t be afraid to wear sequins (even during the day). Like a Christmas tree, just a little more chic.

Make Time For Yourself

Amidst the eight hundred Christmas drinks you’ve rsvp’d yes to and the endless dishes you’ve agreed to cook for various celebrations, make sure you take some of the time off work totally for yourself (yes you can still wear the fabulous jewellery if you want to). Sleep in. Read. Order pizza. Whatever you consider the ultimate treat.

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