How to Actually Get Your Hair To Grow

The secret to long, healthy locks

WHERE — Barcelona
PHOTOGRAPHY — Sam Flaherty

Can you actually make your hair grow faster/thicker/healthier?

My hair also grows so slow it almost goes backwards. I’ve tried every trick in the book, and yet for years I could never get it past a certain length. It took a lot of hair mishaps and abuse before I realised luscious locks aren’t just reserved for Patene commercials. There are absolutely products,tips and supplements out there that can help you grow your hair longer (and more importantly, thicker and healthier).


I know, I know, laying off the dye/bleach/straighter/hairdryer is the most obvious suggestion in the book. But have you ever actually tried only using heat on your hair for super special occasions, and dying your hair 50% less than you think you need to? If you want to grow your hair (not to mention have the kind of hair that takes less than five minutes in the morning), you need to give it a rest and appreciate it in it’s natural state.


There are so many hair supplements out there, so do some research to figure out what works for your hair type. For me – now this is going to sound a little crazy crazy – a stylist years ago suggested taking pregnancy vitamins to stimulate hair growth, and for me; it’s the only thing that works. No, you won’t get pregnant, yes, your hair will grow long and luscious.


Just like you get at the hairdressers, only this time it’s DIY. In truth a scalp massage is all about improving the circulation of blood to the head, but it doesn’t hurt to add a serum into the mix. I love Grow Gorgeous’ Hair Growth Serum Intense, however you do need to stick it out for around 2-3 months to see any real benefits.


You’d never forget to moisturiser your face right? Well the same goes for your locks. Whether a moisturising cream or a hair oil is more your jam, remember to apply frequently for deliciously hydrated locks. Marula Light Oil is basically leave-in magic for those with fine hair. Otherwise Windle & Moodie’s Invisible Day and Night Cream is great for daily use without weighing down/greasing up your locks.


So obvious, yet so often forgotten. Great hair starts with a healthy scalp. So rather than slathering oil on your crispy ends, start looking after your hair and scalp early on with a hydrating scalp oil. Just remember to wash twice to avoid any oily residue, and use frequently for maximum benefit. I’m currently using this Fortifying Serum by Hair Rituel, which doesn’t come cheap. But I figure since I’m saving money by colouring my hair less frequently, I’m essentially saving money (that’s my line and I’m sticking to it).


Braid it, low-pony or relaxed bun. The best way to actually give your hair a rest and encourage growth is to tie it up. That way it’s less exposed to the elements, products and just general wear and tear.


The wider the brush, the less tension you’re likely to inflict on specific part of your scalp or hair. The spread out bristles are best for avoiding unnecessary hair damage, especially when detangling your hair.

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