Get Adorned

Why you should wear your favourite jewellery all at once

WHERE — London
PHOTOGRAPHY — Sam Flaherty

It’s time to reverse the millennial mantra of minimalism and add on one more piece of jewellery before you walk out the door.

We live in an age of ‘less is more’. We strive for less distractions, less clutter, less stress. It’s a common millennial mantra, a thought likely pondered on many a yoga mat and over many a gluten-free, sugar-less treat.

But is this mantra always accurate? I say no. I say that, in the right instances, more is more. For example, the more friends the better? Correct. The more Orange is the New Black the better? Of course. The more dainty jewellery the better? Absolutely.

Jewellery definitely requires a mantra reversal; more often than not, ‘more is more’ is the right approach. Stack your rings, layer your bracelets, and over-adorn your earrings. Wear your entire jewellery stash in one go. There’s something to be said for stepping out of the house looking like Mr T, particularly if your jewellery collection is of the delicate and dainty variety.

I adhere to this anti-mantra of ‘more is more’ often, as evidenced by the full-length floral frocks I’ve been favouring of late, my persuasion for sleeves of the XXL variety, and of course layering my collection of dainty jewellery, including these newest Astrid & Miyu additions, before stepping out of the house.

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