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How to fake cool-girl braids at home

WHERE — Barcelona
PHOTOGRAPHY — Sam Flaherty

How to create undone faux-braids in four easy steps

As vain as it is to admit it, a good hair day is generally just a good day. And yet unfortunately, I feel as though even the skill-set to create a kick-ass ponytail eludes me. So I’ve teamed up with Indola and a few of their incredible stylists, who are attempting to pass on a few pearls of hairstylist wisdom, aka hair tutorials that can be recreated at home; even if like me, you rely on a good ol’ fashioned air dry most of the week.

Undone braids are one of my favourite timeless styles; braids just always make you feel a little bit special, a little bit more feminine. However, this look is more of a faux-braid than anything else. Which means you don’t need 2 sets of hands or eyes behind your head (or a hair stylist) to pull this off.

Special thanks to the amazing Sita for showing me how it’s done first time around.

How to create the faux-braid

1. The undone, faux-braid is all about texture. Part wherever your hair falls naturally and brush smooth. Then add grit and texture into the roots with Indola Style Reviver or a similar product.

2. Separate your hair into 3 sections, creating 3 individual ponytails at the nape of the neck – preferably with thin elastic bands in a similar tone to your hair colour.

3. Select one of the three sections and twist the hair until it becomes tight. Then twist the hair into a mini bun and pin with several bobby pins. Repeat across all three sections until you have three similar looking buns along the name of your neck.

4. Gently start loosening each of the buns until they start to look more like undone braids than three individual sections. The more relaxed and imperfect the better. Finish off with Indola Flexible Finish Spray or a similar hairspray to hold.

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