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The podcasts I'm listening to right now (and can't get enough of)

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Like all good things in life (books, restaurants, errr… gynacologists), you often can’t beat a personal recommendation, so I’ve rounded up a few of my favourites below. It’s by no mean a definitive list; these are just the ones that I’m currently listening to feverishly.

For me a great podcast can be just as amazing as a great book, and like so many people I don’t read nearly as much as I used to (courtesy of our “busy lives” and – more likely – over-zealous screen time), so I love that this relatively new medium provides a touch of escapism or education with the bonus of being able to multi-task (work) whilst we listen.

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The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is undoubtedly my favourite podcast – and thankfully they have a huge backlog of episodes available for whenever I need to be entertained, educated or understand another woman’s perspective. Hosted by Australian comedian Deborah Frances-White and two equally funny guests each episode, The Guilty Feminist is a comedy panel show performed in front of a live audience (and later put online) that tackles a myriad of issues women face all while being super hilarious.

Stuff You Should Know

Stuff You Should Know will satisfy your inner (or outer) nerd. Hosts Josh and Chuck pick a new topic every week, research it to death and then discuss it in layman’s terms for listeners to digest. The topics are super broad and no stone is left unturned – they discuss everything from staying conscious after being decapitated (!!!) to how itching works.

Skeptics Guide To The Universe

I’m definitely a skeptic at heart – and much like the title suggests, the Skeptics Guides To The Universe is all about debunking incorrect but often widely believed opinions and theories. Much like you would enjoy The Guilty Feminist more if you’re actually a feminist, this podcast is best enjoyed if you’re a bit of a skeptic.

The High Low

Hosts Pandora and Dolly’s peppy-but-meaty weekly podcast is a more recent discovery, and I love the easy-going energy they bring to their show. Listening to it feels a lot like having a conversation with a friend; the duo discuss everything from serious current events such as terrorist attacks to lighter issues such as celebrity trolls (and everything in between). Super funny, interesting and highly relatable.

Updated – Reader Recommendations:
Death, Sex & Money
The Pitch by Gimlit Media
How I Built This by NPR
Modern Love
No Such Thing as a Fish
She Does

If you have a favourite podcast that you think everyone needs to know about, please feel free to share it over on Instagram and I’ll add it to the list above.

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