5 strictly non-soppy ways to celebrate V-Day

Valentines Day often gets a bad rap, what with the predictable gifts (rose-shaped chocolates, anyone?) and the cheesy associations (let me just toss some rose petals right here), it’s no big mystery why.

I prefer to buy my own lingerie and giving chocolate seems a little redundant given it’s a staple in our pantry. That said, I’m definitely down with date night. Sam and I have been together almost nine years, and whilst we generally forget Valentines Day until at least two weeks after the fact, we aren’t against celebrating what the actual sentiment is all about it; that it’s nice to appreciate your significant other and do something fun together.

I’ve gotten my V-Day gift-giving out of the way early with these Roger Vivier trainers (a gift to yourself totally counts, alright) from their new Valentines collection, whose tongue-in-cheek interpretation of the romantic holiday I can definitely appreciate. Roger Vivier accessories are all about story-telling; light-hearted, brimming with sensuality and a cheekily beguiling attitude that is made for someone who wants to celebrate love, but doesn’t take Valentines too seriously.

So I’ve compiled a list of fun, non-soppy ways to celebrate Valentines Day with your other half (or yourself, V-Day is about love, and there’s nothing more important than self-love).

Take a cooking course. You’ll expand your cooking repertoire and your other half with also learn some new skills, it’s win win. Plus cooking courses are always super fun – and you get to eat what you cook.

Volunteer for a cause that means something to you. Save your pennies and give something back instead.

Pick up a museum pass and play tourist in your own city for an afternoon. Sometimes it worth exploring the city you see every day from a fresh perspective.

If you do want to purchase something special, why not invest in a piece of art from a local artist. It’s a great way to remember this point in your lives – and you’ll (hopefully) keep it forever.

Throw a dinner party. What’s better than celebrating your own love? Celebrating all kinds of love. Set up your finest tableware, invite your friends over and cook up a feast.

Created in collaboration with Roger Vivier

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