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New Year, same me

The start of a new year always brings out the best intentions in all of us. The poor habits of yesteryear (multiple coffees per day, email marathons, excessive screen time, ordering takeaways when cooking feels too arduous, late-night Netflix binges), shall exist no longer! Only the best iteration of ourselves from here on in! There’s nothing more satisfying than a clean slate, which is exactly what January provides.

That said, as much as I’m into clean slates, into New Years resolutions I am not. The year is long and while there may be some superhuman beings out there who can stick to good habits for twelve months straight, I’m not one for hard and fast rules. So instead, I’m going to ease into the New Year with all of my habits still in-tact but with just a slight shift in perspective.

Nothing ground-breaking; simply switching my usual technology-laden existence for one that is more appreciative of the present moment. Leaving my iPhone behind once in a while, keeping time analogue style, reading more, watching less. Less wondering about the future (or the past), less documenting the moment, and really, just living in the moment.

New Year, same me.

Created in collaboration with Calvin Klein

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