How to wear pink (and still look cool)

As someone who is both blonde and 5’3 (and I’m rounding up here) I completely understand wanting to avoid ever being called cute. Cute is the word we all try to avoid, but unfortunately it’s been my designated complementary adjective since a young age, no matter how hard I try and shake it.

And yet, I’m the pink girl. Pink coats. Pink hair. Pink jumpers. More pink coats. Pink logo. So as a long-time associate of the marshmallow, candy-floss variety, here are four quick tips to ensure you look more cool than cute.

Go oversized. Steer clear of looking to prissy or perfect by keeping things almost-sloppy-but-not-quite.

Pair with your favourite pair of denim – the easiest way to dress down any look. Also, quick Public Service Announcement: these Levi’s are perhaps the most flattering denim known to mankind.

Now is not the time for heels or snazzy loafers. Opt for Chucks, Vans, Adidas – keep it casual.

Keep the rest of the colour palette to a minimum. Grey, creams, tans; soft minimal hues are the ticket.

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