Game Face

Get party-ready, fast

Perhaps it’s symptomatic of living with a boy the past eight years, but I’ve never really been one to spend a lifetime in the bathroom getting ready. My theory is; the faster I get ready, the less time until I have a cocktail in hand.

The trick is not to overthink (or over do) things – in some cruel twist of irony I always seem to feel my best whenever I’ve taken a more relaxed approach – so put down the contouring cream these holidays, getting ready fast is all about creating maximum impact with minimum effort.

Any makeup artist worth their salt will tell you it’s all about the base. So quickly cleanse, and slather on a 5 minute clay mask for extra dewy, glowing skin. Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay Mask is my current holiday-season skin saviour.

Be prepared. Decide what you want to wear and how you want to do your hair and makeup ahead of time. It’s a weird ritual but I use the last minute of my shower every day to decide exactly what I’m going to wear, and generally, it works. Or at the very least it reduces the amount of clothes I pull out of wardrobe/drawers and fling onto the bed in rejection.

Nourish your skin. Moisturise (Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream is actual magic), apply eye cream and primer, the whole shebang. The better you treat your skin, the less makeup you’ll require, it’s simple math I promise.

Nothing says effortlessly sexy like natural, slightly undone hair. If I’m tight on time I’ll tip my head upside down (for extra volume) and give it a quick 30 second blast with the hairdryer before letting it dry naturally while I finish off my makeup.

Finish off your game face with a statement lip.  I’ve been wearing Charlotte Tilbury’s KISSING lipstick in So Marilyn on repeat in the lead up to Christmas; it’s like high heels for your face, I swear.

Created in collaboration with Charlotte Tilbury

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