'Tis the season

The end of the year is nigh and everyone, including myself is finally winding down after what I think can be described as a fairly tumultuous twelve months.

Despite the fact that Christmas feels so much more festive in the Northern Hemisphere (see: big jumpers, mulled wine and open fireplaces), I’ve always struggled to actually dress holiday appropriate given the plunging temps. I’m supposed to get dolled up in my snazziest – and dare I say it, sexiest – attire when it’s single digits outsides? It’s an unsolvable puzzle, I tell ya.

I put it down to inexperience – back home, Christmas holiday dressing equals bare legs and dresses. We go to the beach, have barbecues and swap mulled wine for cold beer. So this is my version of holiday dressing; flared GANT cords, an oversized shirt unbuttoned just so, bare ankles, a strong red lip and an equally red bag for maximum Christmas-y impact.

Created in collaboration with GANT

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