Suit Up

Three fresh ways to wear the suit

To celebrate the opening of GANT 1949’s new Regent St flagship store in London this week I’ve pulled together three legitimately fresh ways to wear one of their staple offerings, the classic pinstripe suit.

Suiting has been just as much for the girls as it has for the boys for aeons now, but don’t think your options are limited to tailoring shirting (although always a winner) or a white tee and trainers (when you’re in search of some street-cred).

Suits are about as conventional as your sartorial options come, and the whole point – at least in my opinion – of going with the classics is versatility. Along with denim, black blazers and tan coats, re-wearing a suit should never make you feel like a repeat offender.

First things first, take a trip to the tailor and get a few necessary alterations. I’m short, with narrow hips so I got both the blazer and trousers hemmed, as well as the waistband taken in. Sounds involved I know, but there’s no point suiting up if you’re going to be sloppy.

Now that your suit fits like a charm, flip any boring office connotations on it’s head with a rebellious slogan tee and killer heels. It’s powerful and strong; just like a suit should be.

Next it’s time to bring out fashions new (old) favourite, the humble hoodie. This look is like the updated version of fashions beloved t-shirt/trainers/suit combo mentioned above. A hoodie diverts the two-piece suit straight from business to street.

And since winter is headed our way, don’t think you can’t suit up with knitwear. Although you’ll need one fine enough to prevent bulky-arm-syndrome (never a good look). Top off with a sharp black hat, which, I totally get can feel a little over the top when you first pull it on, but when it comes to getting maximum air-time out of the suit, it’s the details which make all the difference.

Created in collaboration with GANT

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