The Beach Series

Kaputas Beach, Turkey

The Beach

Kaputaş Beach in Turkey’s southwestern Turquoise Coast.

What’s the deal?

The cliff top views of this beach will blow the mind of even the most seasoned traveler. Rocky cliff tops surround the white pebbled sand and unbelievable milky blue water. If Instagram was going to create a beach I’m pretty sure it would look like Kaputas.

How to get there

Kaputas Beach is smack bang in the middle of Kas and Kalkan, two idyllic beachside villages along the southwestern coast of Turkey. Access to the beach is from the main road – you can’t miss it – although be prepared to park your car wherever you can find a park along the narrow cliff top road above as there’s no carpark to speak of. We actually took a taxi (and called him when we were ready to leave) to avoid the hassle of parking.

The low-down

Kaputas gets pretty windy in the afternoon so it pays to head there early. And like so many of the beaches in this series there are no amenities (although you can hire loungers and umbrellas), so take plenty of water, snacks and whatever else you think you’ll need. More importantly, this beach isn’t for the faint hearted – you need to be a pretty competent swimmer to tackle the powerful waves. Don’t be scared, that milky water is incredible, just don’t get to cocky either, the sea can be a cruel mistress.

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