Golden Girl

When it comes to personal style there’s nothing sexier than confidence. Enter: my shiny gold new boots from Zalando. Built in swagger and gleeful toe-tapping included.

But in all seriousness, confidence isn’t exactly the easiest thing to muster up 24/7. It requires a decent chunk of attention, hard work and daily reminders that you are indeed awesome. Hone in on your strengths when you’re brushing your teeth. Think of all the things you have achieved this year on your way to work. Check yourself out in a passing window. I’m well aware that this sounds like cringe-worthy advice from your well-meaning aunt, but the fact of the matter is confidence doesn’t just fall from the sky down into your lap.

As a semi-reluctant street style photographer (things are getting crazy out there) the same question is always thrown around every Fashion Week. What makes someone’s style stand out from the rest? Confidence. Confidence is cooler than any pair of shoes, sexier than any dress you’ll own, more comfortable than your most well-worn pair of jeans. Remember that.

Created in collaboration with Zalando

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