Summer Liens

The Santorini escape

A Kiwi, a Frenchie and a Russian, under the Santorini sun. Sounds like the start of a witty joke, no? Ahem, anyway. I recently spent the better part of a week in Santorini with Chaumet, the luxury French jewellery house shooting their new Jeux de Liens collection.

Adenorah, Mary and I traipsed all over a white-washed Santorini with Chaumet and Romian, who came along for the ride, shooting for Vogue Paris, which you can check out here. The jewels are subtle and dainty – just my jam – with location-appropriate shades of white and blue.

The sun may have been fiercely hot, but the pool was cold and the snacks were frequent. It was a tough gig, I know. But in all seriousness, I will admit that this shoot did force me to re-think my harsh stance on Santorini (I’m useless with hot sweaty crowds, what can I say). Hot tip – steer clear of Thira and Oia and it’ll be like you have the island to yourself.

Created in collaboration with Chaumet


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