It's not the size that counts

Gone are the days in which I blindly feel around the depths of my handbag in search of my house keys, credit card, lip balm et al. As much as I love the carry-all tote (complete with a spare jumper, my macbook and the kitchen sink) it’s somewhat liberating to sling the newest itty bitty teeny tiny incarnation of the handbag over my shoulder.

Tucked neatly under the armpit, it’s the epitome of 90’s cool-girl low maintenance. My weapon of choice comes in the form of this slick Marni mini via Farfetch.

There is no back-up pair of flats or unnecessary perfume in this regime. It’s utilitarian in the best way possible; stripping back the unnecessary into the ultimate bite-sized accessory. Show of hands who actually uses those long-lost lipsticks loitering at the bottom of our handbag. That’s what I thought.

And ultimately, if you’re partial to a wide-leg trouser or slouchy man-style shirt, the mini bag keeps all proportions in check. Balance out voluminous silhouettes and intentionally over-sized separates with your mini counterpart. You can ditch the heels and pair fluid, roomy trousers with trainers; just tone down the volume with clean lines, minimalist accessories and one micro handbag. The goal here is just to eliminate the superfluous extras. Big shirt. Mini bag. Super-sized trousers. Mini bag. Loud personality. Mini bag. You gotta keep things in proportion.

Created in collaboration with Farfetch

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