The Beach Series

Part one: Cala Varques, Mallorca

When it comes to booking my summer holidays, the aim of the game is always to discover untouched beaches and dreamy waters. So I’m pleased to introduce the first installment of The Beach Series; featuring the ultimate salty spots from Australia to Spain and everywhere in-between, these mini guides are made for bookmarking for your next summer adventure.

The beach

Cala Varques, Mallorca

What’s the deal?

This insanely beautiful beach has it all; translucent waters, rugged  views and is surprisingly untouched thanks to it’s relatively hidden location. This is the beach where locals in Mallorca go to hang out.

How to get there

Located on the east coast of Mallorca, the charm of Cala Varques is that you’d never know it was there unless let you in on the secret. From the main road it’s about ten minutes drive down a beat up path, at the end you’ll find a locked gate pushed open just enough for a person to squeeze through. Once you’re through the gate, follow the dirt path, walk through the forest for about 10 minutes until you hit the beach.

The low-down

Clothing is optional, no bathroom facilities and throughout summer there’s usually just one friendly local offering a few snacks, water, beers and fresh mojitos. For more substantial supplies, pick up your own on the way there.

For more epic beaches in Mallorca, check out my full guide here.

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