How to dress for travel like a pro

I’m currently into my fourth month on the road since leaving Paris (as pictured below in all it’s spring glory), meaning I’m well versed in the rather unromantic art of packing, re-packing, Airbnb hunting and airport life. We’ve spent the past four months traveling through both hot and cold climates like modern day gypsies. So while my suitcase may be seasonally confused I have managed to get my airport routine down pat.

Apparently people are either stifling or frozen on flights; I’m the latter. I’m also not really the best sleeper (I sound like a real treat don’t I?) so I’ve honed in on how to make flying as comfortable as possible.

Wrap up in coat that double as a blanket. Even if you’re headed to a balmy destination it always pays to take on at least one coat. And one which doubles as a blanket in-flight (and is easy to remove) is always a winner if you’re cold-blooded like me.

Wear your heaviest shoes. Stating the obvious here, but unless you’re a miracle packer with a continuous 3kg to spare in check-in luggage, wear your heaviest shoes (for me that’s always my boots) when heading to the airport.

Wear your comfiest denim. At least to the airport. If it’s a long haul flight (NZ to London is 30+ hours so I’m well versed in what is actually comfortable) then pack a luxe pair of pajama bottoms which you can pull on before jumping on board.

Dress for all seasons: Layer up with a slouchy tee followed by a relaxed knit. Will the plane be a sweaty mess or have the air-con cranked up? You’ll never know until you’re on board, so it pays to be prepared.

Slip sunglasses into your carry on for before and after the flight. Don’t mess around with wearing makeup on a plane, your skin is already taking a hit from the altitude. Swap your sunglasses for an sleeping mask once you’re on board – it may sound high-maintenance, but it’s the easiest way to actually get a decent sleep. That and the earplugs, or soothing rain in your headphones.

Don’t fall for airport coffee: again, stating the obvious here but always get your caffeine hit before the airport where possible. Once you get to the airport, ditch the coffee and start hydrating with plenty of water.

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