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How to master winter dressing

There are two kinds of winter dressing. The first kind features the new season coat you’ve long had your eye on, some deliciously soft knitwear and your freshest trainers. This kind of winter dressing is more about celebrating being able to wear all of those layers after a steamy hot summer. I mean, how good does it feel to wear knitwear again!?

The second kind of winter dressing is less about that new season coat and more about wearing as many layers as humanly possible. Sub zero temperatures have hit and it’s all about survival. You can’t really feel that delicious knitwear anymore because you have so many thermals going on underneath. And the only coats you’re sporting are usually reserved for the ski field.

Let’s face it, this second kind is a whole lot less sexy. It’s hard to look cool when you’ve got so many layers you resemble an impenetrable marshmallow. But I do have a few tricks up my sleeve when it comes to the art of winter dressing. The mission? Looking equally as well dressed as you are warm.

– If you haven’t already, embrace Uniqlo’s Heat Tech under garments. All thermals are not made equal – and Uniqlo’s are not only super warm but add zero bulk. Go for the smallest comfortable size to sneak under even your most fitted jumper. And don’t forgot a pair of Uniqlo’s leggings to pull on under your jeans.

– Denim may seem like a flimsy choice, but a sturdy pair of non-stretch jeans are pretty much your best bet when it comes to wind resistant clothing.

– Opt for a carry-all that can fit your entire winter survival kit. Beanie. Leather gloves. iPhone battery pack for when the cold kills your phone. Spare socks. Lip balm. Instant heat packs (if you’re a sissy like me).

– Come winter, I always size up in at least one or two pairs of my boots so I can fit a sheepskin shoe liner inside. Extra points if you can also squeeze your merino socks in as well. It’s the next best thing to slippers, trust me.

– Blanket or coat? That is the question. The answer is a bit of both. Choose a coat that resembles a blanket that you can wrap up in it for serious warmth. There’s no harm in buying a size up so you can fit your chunkiest knitwear underneath.

– Speaking of knitwear. Go chunky or home. I Love Mr Mittens (which ironically is made in Australia, the land of perpetual warmth) may just be the master of triple-xl knitwear.

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