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Fuss-free skincare that does what it says it will

Truth be told this post has been way too long in the making. I’m no beauty expert, so in the name of complete authenticity I wanted to run these Glossier tubes dry before I tried to impart any kind of skinscare wisdom.

The beauty world is a whole lot more complicated than fashion. With clothes, what you see is what you get. But with beauty, we want miracles. And we want it to be as easy as humanly possible.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or abstaining from Instagram) then you’ll most likely be familiar with Glossier’s pink-hued branding which has made it’s mark on the Internet (and world) this past year. Emily Weiss of Into The Gloss set out to create uncomplicated skincare and beauty basics that is fun and easy. And she’s done a damn fine job. Dreamy packaging aside, Glossier has nailed what a lot of girls want: inexpensive, fuss-free products that do exactly what they say they will.

So if you’re wondering whether to believe the hype, I’ve got the low-down on a few of my favourite Glossier products which I highly recommend. The only downside? Right now they only ship within the U.S, although apparently that’s all about to change so keep your eyes peeled.

The Balm Dotcom is like a modern day Eight Hour Cream, just less tacky and perfumed. I put it on my lips, on any scratch or cut and dry spots. It’s the kind of all-rounder you pop in your handbag for any occasion.

USE IF: You want your lip balm to be multi-purpose.

The Priming Moisturiser may just be the best moisturiser I’ve found to date, particularly when you factor in the price. It may not magically give me a face lift (I expect a lot from my moisturiser, clearly), but it’s a winner for hydrating skin, smoothing problem areas and acting as the perfect base for your foundation.

USE IF: You’re tired of emptying your wallet for moisturiser and have sensitive or delicate skin. For those with dry skin go for Aesop’s Parsley Seed Hydrator instead.

The Mega Greens and Moisturising Moon mask almost feel like they were made for me. I’ve been a bi-weekly-at-home-kind-of-face-mask gal since I was 13. I’ve never had problem skin – not enough to warrant facials or a dermatologist, so face masks are pretty much just the ticket. Depending on how much I’ve been out, how terrible/well I’ve been eating and what kind of makeup I’ve been applying I alternate between the two; the Moisturising Moon to bring me back to life after a hard week and the Mega Green to detoxify after a long weekend. And while these guys don’t perform Photoshop-like miracles either (clearly I need to let go of this idea), they will deliver a more cleansed, supple version of your fine face. Add at least one of these to your weekly rotation stat.

USE IF: You have normal/combination skin and want a quick refresher on a budget. For those who are time-poor (but still want results) opt for REN’s 1 Minute Facial.

The Perfecting Skin Tint leaves your face with a super dewy finish. The barely-there coverage is a nice alternative to my usual foundation (Dior Star) but unfortunately my slightly sensitive skin couldn’t handle it. Even when I applied with caution it left my eyes watering and my skin prickling.

USE IF: You want a dewy, natural finish. Avoid if you have sensitive skin – instead check out La Roche Posay’s CC Cream.

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