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Give the gift of travel this Christmas

Who doesn’t love Christmas. The food. The way it brings people together. The presents. The food. Every family has their own rituals and traditions. There’s something just so inherently jolly about the festive season that it’s hard not to get a little swept up in it.

But for me, Christmas is no longer about piling gifts high under the tree and wrapping everything in tinsel. This will be my sixth Christmas away from home, and although I miss my friends and family terribly (slash envy their Christmas Day barbecues and ability to swim away their New Years’ hangovers at the beach), Christmas has morphed into something else entirely for me. It’s more relaxed. Presents aren’t a big deal. The food isn’t quite as good. It’s cold. So cold.

Sam and I stopped giving each other physical gifts back in London simply as an excuse to book more holidays, and it’s ended up becoming our own little tradition in itself. At the risk of sounding cheesy, it’s like giving someone else an adventure – hopefully one you get to tag along on too. Which is why Mr & Mrs Smith’s Get a Room! collaboration with Roksanda is so on point; there’s no better gift than travel (particularly if it involves a beautiful hotel room). So ditch the wrapping paper and give your closest friend or better half the best kind of gift this Christmas. And just in case you need a little push, take a few cues from my travel personalities below.

The City Slicker

For a getaway in any kind of weather. Stalk the locals via Instagram on where to eat, shop and caffeinate. Eat breakfast in bed, dress up a little fancy for dinner. Leave with a full suitcase thanks to some over-zealous shopping.

The Explorer

Arm yourself with comfortable shoes, a camera and a map. Holidays are for learning a few phrases in another language, avoiding the tourists traps and navigating your way around like a pro.

The Beach Bum

Swim, nap, eat and repeat. There comes a time when we want nothing more than constant sun, a good book and a wifi-free existence.

The Romantic

There’s no shame in seeking a little loving. Saucy lingerie. Too many sugary treats. Drinking wine late into the evening… Just remember to book somewhere with matching white bathrobes.

Created in collaboration with Mr & Mrs Smith
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