If you like it put your name on it

There’s no arguing that trainers have become a mainstay our wardrobes (an important win in the quest for comfort). Enter Farfetch with Myswear, their bespoke shoe service which offers almost any kind of customisation imaginable. Thank you Internet.

In a way, their perfectly executed shoe service almost serves as an online personality test (indeed one which results in one-of-a-kind shoes being delivered to your door 2-4 weeks later). Are you a minimalist with mild OCD tendencies (see: my fresh monogrammed kicks below)? Or are you looking to tap your toes in something a little more loud and proud? The shoes reflect the maker, if you will.

I’d monogram my entire wardrobe if it was socially acceptable. But even in a time in which selfies and selfie sticks are the norm, there’s always room for a little subtly.

Created in collaboration with Farfetch
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