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Picking the perfect winter coat

Despite being a summer child at heart, I have a serious weak spot for winter coats. There’s nothing better than stepping outside in the depths of winter deliciously bundled up – because let’s be real, it’s the next best thing to being wrapped up in a blanket inside.

What’s more, the humble winter coat pretty much reneges all wardrobe decisions in the morning. It really doesn’t matter what’s going on underneath as long as you have a killer coat to top it all of. Which brings me to my main point; the art of picking the perfect winter coat.

First off, it may sound over-eager but get looking before the temperatures have even started to drop. Good coats are like gold dust and get snapped up quickly.

Secondly, if you like to layer up (or have a predilection for super chunky knits) opt for a coat one or even two sizes bigger than usual. There’s nothing worse than a tight-fitting coat that limits your range of movement. But if you’re short in stature (like me), order a size or two bigger – but remember to have the sleeves hemmed so you don’t look swamped.

Thirdly, think about the climate. Does it rain a lot where you live? Suede, my friend, is not for you. Windy? Go for a resilient leather jacket. Will snow hit come Christmas? Then pay attention to the fabrics – it’s all about something super warm on the outside like shearling (faux, always) wool or cashmere with quality lining going on underneath.

And lastly, go for a style that has longevity. Winter coats don’t come cheap so the aim of the game is to find one you’ll pull out year after year. High on my rotation? A classic black double-breasted coat, an oversized man-style camel coat, a navy duster coat and this faux shearling MM6 number from Farfetch.

Created in collaboration with Farfetch
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