Pleats Please

Mastering the metallic pleated skirt

I’m not gonna lie – when it comes to branching out beyond of my usual minimalist inclinations I can get a little lazy. After all, what’s easier (and less time consuming) than adhering to a similar uniform each morning?

But while it’s all well and good to hone your personal style, no-one wants to be boring. Enter CĂ©dric Charlier’s Metallic Pleated Skirt (capitals used to accentuate drama). It’s a welcome antidote to my – somewhat tried and tested – wardrobe of denim, cropped black trousers and slouchy white tees. A necessary injection of femininity into my sartorial routine, which like so many other fashion kids, has become so simple and uncomplicated in the name of minimalism, that dear I say it, has become basic.

Critical wardrobe analysis aside, the real question is: how do you wear The Metallic Pleated Skirt? After months of menswear-inspired separates and fuss-free layers how do we tackle something so feminine (and so damn sparkly)?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: when all else fails, go monotone. An indigo denim jacket paired with a navy jumper and blue skirt? Monotone, monotone, monotone. You can never have too much of a good thing. Pair with shiny loafers for a more boyish touch.

Next up, embrace the ladylike silhouette with a pair of pointed pumps. Knitwear and the pleated skirt strike the perfect harmony; either tucked in for a more polished look, or left loose for a more over-sized vibe.

Or, play up the contrast. Trainers with a feminine skirt. Dressing up in your finest wares whilst leaving your hair natural. Sky high heels with tough denim. You get the gist. Give The Pleated Skirt more daytime durability and pair with your most comfortable shoes and slouchiest shirt rolled up to the sleeves.

Go forth and embrace The Pleated Metallic Skirt.

Created in collaboration with Farfetch
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