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Silver Streak

How to wear metallic shoes without looking like a space cadet

Fashion has turned it’s heels on minimalism of late, instead gravitating towards all things OTT. Vinyl pants, embellished Gucci bags and embroidered bombers – I’m looking at you.

As someone with mostly minimalist tendencies I tend to veer on the side of caution when it comes to embracing trends too enthusiastically. But truth be told, as timeless as that slouchy white tee or black blazer may be, it can end up feeling a little stale.

Enter the inter-galatic booties so shiny you can’t quite tell if they’re alarmingly ostentatious or painfully cool. Just remember to keep them in check with relaxed separates – think vintage Levi’s, classic button ups and neutral tones. The overall effect should be unexpected, not space cadet.

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