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Mastering the cropped, wide leg jean

Turns out cropped, wide-leg jeans – aka the cool new kid on the block – are an outlier in the denim world. It’s pretty safe to say that most denim generally falls into the category of the sartorial staple; easy, flattering and uncomplicated.

The cropped wide leg jean requires a little more work. The wide shape means the butt isn’t quite as slimming as your favourite skinny jeans or as lifting (if you will) as your most beloved vintage high-waisted denim. And the cropped length requires a little more attention is given to the ankle region.

The best way to master this style? It’s all about creating the illusion of height and exposing some ankle. If you’re short (ahem, like me) then pointed pumps are the obvious answer to elongate the leg. If you don’t need an added height boost, pair with slick loafers or fresh white trainers – both of which are the perfect way to flash a little skin and show off the hem of the jeans.

Balance out the top half with a simple white tee or a fitted knit – the jeans are the star player here. And for a quick shot of masculine-cool, top it all off with a slightly oversized yet perfectly tailored coat. That whole ‘borrowed from the boys’ is an overused phrase for a reason.

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Dagmar cropped jeans

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Posted by Ash on 3 April 2016

I'm obsessing over all the interesting things happening with denim these days. I love a good pair of patchwork jeans but really die over denim that combines different color tones, like the ones you're wearing. I'm also so glad that skinny jeans are no more because the cropped flares and wide legs are where it's at.

Posted by Liesa on 11 February 2016

Really great outfit! Thanks for the tips! xx

Posted by Rena on 11 February 2016

Wow, your look with your cropped jeans is perfect! And as it sounds like we have the similar size I must try this look out! xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

Posted by Joanne on 11 February 2016

I never would have guessed you were short - makes me love you more. I can relate even more to your outfits now! PETITE SIDE OF STYLE

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