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The most cafe Instagrammed cafe in Paris

If you follow me on Instagram (or anyone else who lives in Paris for that matter) you’re probably already familiar with Ob-La-Di’s marble counters and blue tiled floors. But this place is hardly just for the ‘gram; Ob-La-Di is part of a new cafe movement in Paris which is all about excellent coffee, friendly service (not a given in this town) and simple yet delicious food.

Yes, their iced lattes are ridiculously photogenic and their avocado on toast wouldn’t look out of place in Australia (aka the home of avo on toast) but it’s their vegan ‘Purple Haze’ burgers which have them standing out from the rest. These bad boys are so lovingly prepared you won’t even realise your burger is sans meat. Or cheese for that matter.

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Ob La Di
54 Rue de Saintonge
75003 Paris




Posted by Suze on 19 January 2016

Recipe for burger, pls? Also, I OWN a marble-topped café table from Paris. Moving again, and you've just convinced me to hang onto it just from the photo and brief description. (I studied photojournalism: apparently, it works.) Merci! P.S. Reflections on your New Year's blog: my French sucks. But an acquaintance of mine used to suggest watching French TV, and reading French magazines. She speaks 5 languages fluently, BTW...*le sigh*

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