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Pink hair by Glasshouse Salon, Studio Nicholson navy knit (budget options available here and here) COS white trousers (similar white trousers available here and here) and black Birkenstocks

Throwing back to a few months ago when my hair resembled a bob of cotton candy thanks to the talented ladies at Glasshouse Salon. And although my locks may no longer be pink, I love these pieces far too much not to share with y’all…

For me it doesn’t get much better than super slouchy white pants; I love how they feel fresh, casual and chic all at the same time (now if only they could self clean). Paired with the finest navy knit around and my much loved Birkenstocks; this outfit is pretty much the ultimate exercise in easy basics. I actually just picked up the white Birks today (get ’em online here), so prepare to see a whole lot of ugly footwear come summer.

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