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London Layers

While we may have left the snow storms back in America, London has it’s own weather issues to deal with (namely temperamental skies and gale force winds). Not that you could tell looking at these ladies with their effortless layering and cool as can be outerwear.



Posted by Anouk Yve on 22 February 2014

Great pic love, hope we see each other soon xx

Posted by SophoKonjaria on 16 February 2014

super lovely looks

Posted by Becky on 16 February 2014

Oh London.. Can I just go there and never come back? Perfect photos and these people really inspire me. WOW! xx

Posted by monkeyshines on 16 February 2014


Posted by Portia on 16 February 2014

Such beautiful photographs, gale force winds are the perfect excuse to layer up!

Posted by Motilayo W on 16 February 2014

Gorgeous layering! Love that pull in the 3th picture, need it in my life. The color is just perfect! Much Love, M

Posted by natalie on 16 February 2014

loving these looks! x

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