Introducing AR

Another one for Vogue Australia Style Spy

AR leather shirt and A-line leather skirt, Acne chain clutch and Zara perspex heels

Earlier in the week I posted my most recent editorial for Vogue Australia’s Style Spy. While pulling together the looks, I came across AR; a super clean and directional brand from New York. Created in 2010, AR focuses on quality materials, classic silhouettes and a great fit. Basically everything you every look for in a garment, but somehow so many brands seem to overlook.

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for leather, and the two piece combo Camille is wearing above is pretty much my idea of sartorial perfection. As with most high-quality materials, this leather doesn’t come cheap. So while we can’t all ‘add to cart’, I felt AR was worthy of a mention in their own right.

Photography and Styling: Jessie Bush
Model: Camille Charriere
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